An arborist is a very special career, as it requires a detailed knowledge of all the tree types, a detailed knowledge of the operation of all the associated machinery,  a detailed knowledge of all of the safety aspects and a high degree of physical fitness plus a excellent ability to get on with people and work in a close team.

Arborists are called in to deal with trees on residential and commercial properties, as well as for councils and farms and general forestry. The work maybe just trimming up trees and making them safe, or it may be pruning damaged trees after a storm, or it may be clearing a stand of trees for a commercial operator or residential homeowner. All this work requires a high degree of knowledge about individual tree types and what sort of pruning is required, and what sort of safety aspects are required.

Often tree fellers are required to remove trees that are  located amongst buildings, and  in this case they will have to climb the trees using safety harnesses  and ropes,  and then start cutting the tree in pieces from the top. To the casual observer this looks very dangerous work, and indeed it would be dangerous if the operator wasn’t experienced, but these  arborists have had many years of experience and training, are very fit, and work in a very close team so that the whole project is extremely safe.

The arborist Tauranga will climb the tree using ropes and an ascender and with special spikes on their boots, and then after they have tied themselves off safely they will start trimming the  tree from the top down. They have a full size chainsaw hanging from their belt plus a much smaller battery operated saw for trimming small branches, and with this equipment and their years of experience and extreme fitness they can make very short work of even the tallest tree. All that will be left after their work is a big pile of short logs and branches around the base of where the tree was.

A highly skilled digger operator will come in after the arborist has finished cutting a tree down, and will use his grabber to haul the timber and logs and branches off to the wood chipper. The casual observer will generally be amazed at the speed that the small teams can operate at, and in the matter of a couple of days  an entire stand of trees can be  heaped ready to be crunched up by the  wood chipper. The wood chipper is a very impressive machine that is exceedingly powerful, and can demolish a very large log in seconds and pump all the chips at high speed into the tray of a large lorry. When the team finally depart the scene there should be nothing left.